What is an initiation fee at a gym?

On top of the monthly fee, gyms often tack on an “annual fee” (paid at the start of each new membership cycle), and an “initiation fee” (a one-time dinger that can run as high as $250, due upon signing).

How much is gym per month in Nigeria?

Cost of Gym Membership in Nigeria In Lagos for instance, the cost of gym membership goes for as low as 18,000 per month, which is equivalent to about 220,000 Naira per year. However, this varies depending on the location and scale of your gym house.

How much do gym memberships usually cost?

The average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58, but in cities like Brooklyn, monthly spending tops $100.

How much is UFC Gym a month?

UFC Gym Prices List 2021

Monthly Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $69.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (One Club Access) $0.00
All Club Access Prices
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (All Club Access) $99.00

How much is Powerhouse Gym a month?

Powerhouse Gym fees start out at $20-$25 per month for an individual and $40-$50 per month for a couple. There is an initiation fee of up to $100 per person due at sign up though some locations run specials that waive additional Powerhouse Gym fees that are typically paid when joining.

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